Books for Young Children

Your Child - Your Family - Your Culture

My Child’s Storybooks® helps your child to develop pride in "self, family and culture" as both boys and girls, and children of various ethnicities, can identify with the characters in our books. And just like everyday families, our books show a variety of family compositions, such as two-parent families, single- parent families, families with older caretakers (such as grandparents), and more. See specific books for more information on available versions, such as Multicultural, African-Heritage, GLBT, Christian and others.

Fun - Funny - Family Oriented - Educational

With colorful characters and fun phrases in our educational books, your child will delight in learning about sounds, colors, letters, numbers and counting. Designed to be entertaining for children, and adults, our books help your child to develop a life-long interest in reading and learning. Our "storybooks" provide fun and adventurous stories which will spark your child's imagination. All our books are designed by a social worker to emphasize the importance of family, resulting in improved bonding between the child and caregiver.

My Child's Storybooks